Horse Racing in Denver

Horse racing denver

If you are a big fan of horse racing, Denver, Colorado, is an ideal tourist destination. There are not many racing tracks in the city, but the ones available will provide you with everything you want. Whether you want to watch or bet on horse races, Denver has got you covered as long as you visit the city when the racing is scheduled. If you prefer to stay home to gamble or play online casino games, you can check this website.

Arapahoe Park Racetrack

Generally, live horse racing is held during the summer, and there are 39 racing days during that period. The races are usually on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and in most cases, the kickoff is at 1 pm. The date for summer 2022 horse racing in the location is not confirmed yet, but you can expect it to be announced soon because it is usually held between May and August. Arapahoe Park racetrack provides a large enough stadium where the fans can watch the racing seated and comfortable. You can get some snacks and drinks while cheering your horse to win as the foods and drinks are sold in the stadium.

Havana Park

Havana Park has got you covered if you are planning to try off-track betting. The park is open throughout the year and comes with plenty of TVs where you can watch all the races. Off-track betting options are available on both the greyhounds and horses. Getting into the park is free, and the season for live racing begins from late May to mid-August.

Denver has got you covered if you would rather enjoy horseback riding than watch other people enjoy themselves competing. Various mountain parks allow you to enjoy a horseback ride for a very affordable fee. Generally, for a one to two hours ride, you will only need to pay between $40 and $70. You can enjoy horseback riding in various locations, including at the Rocky National Park and Horseback rides near the lakes.

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